What to expect during your appointment


Please fill in the contact form with a brief summary of your concerns, or call to book in. Please ensure your email/mobile numbers are filled in correctly otherwise you may not receive a reply.

Naomi will then proceed to contacting you to book an appointment time.

Naomi will gather some data regarding you and your baby’s medical history at this booking call, or this will be done at the appointment along with consent forms.

During The Appointment:

Please make sure you and your baby are well for the visit. Have your red (baby) book handy, and any pump/bottle equipment clean and ready if you are using them. If your baby is requiring supplements (e.g., expressed milk or formula), please have some ready for the appointment also. Our times can often be flexible – please get in touch via mobile if you think your baby may need to feed earlier, as I may be able to visit sooner. 

With your permission, your breasts may be examined (e.g., for nipple damage, mastitis, investigation of low milk supply).

With your permission, your baby’s mouth will be inspected with gloves – looking for how your baby’s tongue functions and mobilises.

A feed will be observed with suggestions to improve your positioning or latch if needed. Having your phone handy is often helpful as I can make a short video to remind you of these tips.

Afterwards I will email/text you the necessary resources to compliment your visit along with a summary of what occurred during the consult.

Post Appointment:

We will have a plan to touch base following your appointment; this is important as your feeding situation may change rapidly – particularly in the early weeks. Brief contact is welcomed for two weeks after your visit to troubleshoot concerns, e.g., weight gain progress/adjusting top-ups/pain not improving. Sometimes ongoing issues are more complex and require a follow-up visit. This is at a lesser rate than your initial consultation and appointments are often shorter at follow-ups.


Payment is required in full, on the day of your appointment via card or cash. You will be provided with a receipt to submit to your health fund, if applicable. There is a provider number available on your receipt with many of the more common health funds. If you are unsure about if I am a provider, please ask about this. Some funds use online apps for rebates, or you will need to email your claim or print and provide in-store at your health fund’s office.