Aspire Lactation Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Aspire Lactation as per the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), current as of April 2021. Aspire Lactation understands that your privacy is important, and that sensitive information may be disclosed during your consultation.

Collection of personal information — Data collected by Aspire Lactation includes (but is not limited to) details such as you/your baby’s name, date of birth, address and contact details. Health and birth history is also required, as this may impact on your plan of care. Information may be obtained during our booking phone call or email, or in person. Why do we need your information? This may be required as part of your health fund rebate, and for taxation purposes, as well as providing us with important information as to how we can build your plan of care for you and your baby.

Disclosure (sharing) — Data gathered from you is either stored on paper and filed in a locked cabinet, or on a password protected secure hard-drive or computer/tablet. Paper files will be archived as per relevant Australian and state legislation commencing in 2021. In the event of transferring paper records to electronic format, these will be securely destroyed to preserve confidentiality. We will not share or sell your personal information to any third party, without your consent.

Security — Paper Files are stored in a locked and secure cabinet. Computers and business emails/documents are password protected and the passwords changed on a regular basis. Cloud-based storage is not used for your consultation notes. These will be periodically archived to a password-protected, encrypted external hard drive stored in a fireproof safe. Please note, text messages are not considered a secure format. After your consult, correspondence via text will be only with your consent to this. If you are sending a picture message, you may wish to consider if this will be a privacy issue for you.

Disclosures — from time to time, health funds may require further information about your claim. Aspire Lactation will contact you prior to this occurring. Rights and choices — You may request access to your files, within the scope of the law. This will require a processing fee and an appointment to go through the data within. This information will not be distributed to third parties and can only be with your written request.

How to make a privacy complaint — if you have a concern about how Aspire Lactation has handled your privacy, please contact immediately to discuss this.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time and without notice. For more information, please contact Naomi Drew (Director, MIFICO PTY LTD trading as Aspire Lactation) on 0417779540 or email