Aspire Lactation Terms & COnditions

Please take a moment to read this document. A separate consent form will be filled in prior to our consult.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important. Sensitive information may be collected during a consult and this data is treated with care. Please view the privacy policy on for more information on how Aspire Lactation handles your information.

Cancellation Policy
Please ensure you allow at least 24 hours’ notice of appointment cancellations. Cancellations after this time will incur a $50 cancellation fee. This may be waived at Aspire Lactation’s discretion.

If you or your baby is unwell, please call to reschedule. We will be able to work together better when you are feeling 100%. This also protects other vulnerable babies from becoming unwell. To keep you and your baby safe, there may be times Aspire Lactation will need to reschedule if staff illness occurs. We will endeavour to provide adequate notice of this.

Payment on day of services is required. This may be in cash, or via card facilities. No card details are stored. Your health fund may provide rebates, you will need to submit receipts as HICAPS is not available.

Follow up
All clients are welcome to contact Aspire Lactation with updates, such as how feeding is going or weights. Part of your fee entitles you discuss how your plan is going in one or two phone calls or emails in the following two-week period. Sometimes, issues cannot be resolved in one visit and a follow up may be required. This is at a discounted price from the initial consult fee. Subsequent children will still require an initial consultation. Aspire Lactation will attempt to return any phone or email enquiries as soon as possible, and within 24 hours. If your matter is urgent, please consider calling rather than emailing.

Infection control
Items such as scales, stethoscopes etc. will be wiped with a disinfectant cleaning cloth after use. Single use latex-free gloves will be used for oral examinations. Some items such as nipple shields, syringes and feeding tubes will be provided new as these cannot be disinfected. Depending on current COVID-19 local transmission, masks and other protective equipment may need to be worn by both Naomi and the client. During lockdowns, visits may need to be moved to virtual (online) consultations at short notice.

Loan items
Loan items such as pump flanges and supplemental nursing systems may be supplied to clients. Please hygienically wash these items prior to returning them for Aspire Lactation to steam disinfect. A receipt will be issued for tracking of loan items. Any losses or breakages will require replacement by the client. All loan items undergo a second hygienic wash, then steam sterilisation for at least 15 minutes. Only items that can be easily cleaned in this matter will be loaned; some items which cannot be cleaned in this manner (such as tubing for SNS) will be provided new to the client for their own personal use and will not be reloaned.

Siblings are more than welcome to be present during your home visit, often they are very interested in what is going on and not a bother at all! However, if you feel they may be distracting, please consider having a quiet activity ready to occupy them during our consult- that way we can focus on you and your baby more easily. For office visits, please do not bring siblings of your baby without prior arrangement. Whilst the “1 person per 2 square metre” rule applies for COVID-19, your support person will need to remain outside during office visits. When this restriction is lifted, you are welcome to bring your partner/support person into office visits.

For home visits, please ensure your pet allows entry to the property. For health reasons, they may be required to be kept out of the consultation room, if overly curious.

Aspire Lactation values feedback, both good and bad. If you are happy with your visit, please consider letting others know as this supports our small business. If there is something we can do better, it is important to let Aspire Lactation know so we can discuss this further with you and improve our care.