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Aspire Lactation is based in Tarragindi and is able to visit a wide range of locations, although a small surcharge may be required for travel further than 30 minutes from Tarragindi. Consults include antenatal, postnatal and follow-up consults. Skype or phone consults for mothers returning to work or for less complex issues are also available. The breastfeeding package is available which would make a perfect gift for a pregnant mum. Payment methods are cash, bank deposit, or credit/debit card on day of consultation.

Aspire Lactation is a recognised provider to a range of health funds, including BUPA, NIB and HCF. You will need to submit your receipt after payment to Aspire Lactation to claim for any benefits. Benefits will depend on your level of cover.

Antenatal consult

Aspire Lactation offers an Antenatal consult to discuss your breastfeeding goals and fears. Do you wish to breastfeed your baby but don’t know how to go about it? Did you have trouble meeting your breastfeeding goals with previous children? Have you had surgery to augment or reduce your breasts and wondering if or how you can breastfeed? We can meet to assess your medical and surgical history and make a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Some birthing practices such as epidural medications and induction of labour can impact on breastfeeding and milk supply. We can discuss ways to help minimise this. This visit will take approximately one hour. Best booked for 34-36 weeks of pregnancy 

Cost $150

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Postnatal consult

This visit will involve an obstetric, medical and surgical history on both you and your baby/babies. I will look at your baby’s weight and growth, along with a general examination of their mouth. We will observe a feed, so this is best achieved when your baby hasn’t fed for around one hour prior to your appointment.

With your permission, I will work with your health care team (GP/Obstetrician/Paediatrician) to keep them informed of our findings so they can follow up on any medical issues. This consult fee includes phone call/email follow-ups over the next two weeks. Visit time: approximately 1.5-2 hours. 

Cost $220 
Twins $240
Virtual (online) $190

Follow-up consult

Follow-up consults are recommended when further issues are identified, or if new issues arise. These rates are discounted, as I am familiar with your case history. 

Cost $130
Virtual (online) $110

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Back to work consult

Returning to work and wondering how to continue breastfeeding? Advice on pumping and maintaining your breastfeeding relationship can be given via phone or Skype. Approximately 45 mins.

Cost $80 

Office visits

Office consults are another way for families to see me for breastfeeding help, and for those who live further away than where I travel to.  

Because of space, siblings will not be able to attend this visit, however you are welcome to bring your support person (e.g. partner) with you to the appointment.  My office is located in Tarragindi.

Price varies according to service, contact for more information. 

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